Why a Caribou Zone?


The purpose of a Caribou Zone is simple: create an inspired, focused work environment for your staff. With the way you work changing every day, the office itself has to be just as flexible to encourage productivity. Our modular, pre-configured “Zones” allow your employees to find their natural habitat and thrive in it. We create office solutions that are just as beautiful as they are functional and future-proof.


We are focused on creating a comfortable experience from the moment you start browsing our products to when you finally take a seat inside one of our Caribou Zones. For us, that means offering totally inclusive furniture packages at one price with no hidden costs. Your comfort will always come first, whether we’re talking about affordability or the chair you’re sitting on. Whether you need one of our pre-configured solutions or a totally customized option, our 50+ years of commercial office furniture industry experience is at your disposal.

Our products are made of the best commercial quality materials and components on the market, and they are built to last. Once you’ve installed a Caribou Zone, you can rest assured knowing that space is highly optimized for years to come.

Curated Solutions


Our inclusive furniture packages create high performance environments that maximize personal comfort and productivity while delivering cohesive aesthetics. The balance you have to strike between facilitating a relaxed office and one that encourages team members to work diligently is precise one, but it can be done with the right pieces. If you’ve ever been to a furniture warehouse store, you know that there’s no shortage of options to fill in the space in your office. But what’s best for your staff? What are successful companies using? How do you facilitate teamwork and energy with your office layout? At Caribou, we’ve done all the hard work for you by wading through the vast number of office furniture choices to create the best commercial quality solutions available.


These ecosystems fit into various space optimizing configurations that lend to supportive, collaborative office spaces. Meeting rooms, break rooms, individual office spaces, they all need to contribute to the bigger picture of your company. A work environment should bring a consistent energy that moves people to be at their best from the moment they step in the door, and that’s the energy Caribou Zones carry with them.

Flexible and Collaborative


The work environment we create inspire performance and are optimized for employee health and well being. Caribou furniture is engineered to support the human body fostering healthy postures all day. Our one price, inclusive packages come with no hidden costs and create ergonomic performance environments which maximize personal comfort and productivity while cohesively delivering aesthetics desired by our customers. These ecosystems fit various space optimizing configurations and lend to collaborative office spaces that allow for collaboration and privacy as needed.

Accountability and Sustainability

Our products are made of the best commercial quality materials and components available, those designed to withstand daily, high volume use. We are grounded in sustainability and always strive to meet the most stringent international specifications and certifications including Greenguard, ANSI/BIFMA and LEVEL.

Kyle Gustafson