Height Adjustable, Customizable and Modular Office Desk solutions — Made in the USA and built to last!


SOHO Rising Desk

Our most popular height adjustable desk

The SOHO Rising Desk sets the gold standard in quality and performance. Made in the USA, this motorized sit-stand desk gives you the freedom to naturally position yourself at a variety of heights conducive to ultimate productivity. This ergonomic, commercial grade Height Adjustable Desk, comes standard with durable 30” x 60” work surface, silky smooth and quiet German engineered motor in an electronic desk frame with Intelligent System Protection (ISP), simple touch control and 4 preset heights. Digital LED display features four memory buttons to program your preferred heights. Take a stand for the health of your team! The SOHO Rising is the Sit/Stand solution for the modern workspace. Designed for natural ergonomic positioning, it allows you the flexibility to transition from sitting to standing in seconds.


ELEVATE Sit-Stand Desk

top of The line Quality & Style

Experts agree that the most ergonomic position is the “next one”. Incorporating movement with the option to sit or stand is the key to workplace health and productivity. Our Elevate desk is at the top of our line and competes with major branded height adjustable products at a fraction of the cost. Featured with a 30” x 72” top, the Elevate desk comes standard with four programmable control settings and tidy cable management. It can also be configured as a three-leg 90º (L shaped) or 120º workstation. The Elevate is available in four in-stock colors and two base colors to choose from to allow you to personalize your workspace.  Custom colors are available for tops and bases, inquire for more information. The Elevate desk will help you improve flexibility, happiness, and productivity of your organization.



Modular Desk Systems for flexible workplaces

With the ever changing open work environment, one size fits all does not work. Ovation provides you the flexibility with modular configurations that maximize versatility and adaptability. Customize your workspace with a wide variety of fixed height components that all work together that are easily reconfigurable. Function, form and style for your ever growing work environment no matter if it is standard work height or standing. Ovation works well with our large assortment of storage components. Put your workstation together with the components that allow you to reach ultimate productivity. Make your workspace yours and allow it to grow and expand as you and your business does.