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Quality Ergonomic and Direct Office Furniture Solutions

A Better Way to Furnish Your Office!
Direct Commercial-Quality Furniture Solutions that Fit Your Team and Workspace Perfectly.


Why Choose us?

A fresh and fast approach to create your unique and comfortable workspace.

Direct - We have removed layers of middlemen to get you quality office furniture at the best prices.

Easy and Flexible! Save time by going with our modular packages that always work well together.

Assistance at Every Step from designing your space to selecting pieces to placement, we are here for you.

Commercial Quality Furniture - A complete array designed to withstand daily, high volume use!

Looking to furnish your office but need help?

We provide affordable start-to-finish workspace design, Procurement & project management.
We do it ALL for you!


About US


After serving in a number of leadership positions where we helped build some of the largest global furniture and consumer products brands, we determined there must be a better way for companies to create great office environments. We felt strongly that purchasing high quality furnishings to create modern, healthy and comfortable office environments should not have to be an overwhelming, time consuming and costly process. So we discovered a better way to navigate the endless amount of choices and eliminate layers of cost-added middlemen rampant in today’s market.

We developed a USA made solution to remove the pain of furnishing a growing office by leveraging our 50+ years of expertise to make it simple to purchase the best looking, ergonomic, top-tier quality, flexible and adjustable sit-stand office furniture configurations.

Learn more about our industry-changing Office Furnishing Service or browse our selection of featured furniture and feel free to contact or call us at any point if you need assistance. We are easy to work with and look forward to hearing from you!