Stylish and Ergonomic Furniture at Affordable Prices


Does your furniture make your workplace appear professional and stylish, or stale and boring? Ergonomically, is the furniture comfortable for workers? What is the effect on your bottom line if your workers are not happy and productive? You may be wondering if it even possible to “check all the boxes” without breaking the bank. Well now there is.

A Trailblazer in a New Era of Office Furniture

Caribou Office provides practical and economical choices with products that are the highest quality, comfortable and stylish.

Our office furniture solutions align with workplace trends, like flexible workspaces to enable collaboration and improved productivity. In addition, we offer modular seating and storage which are great for companies who have flex staff, host a lot of group meetings or are short on space and want the ability to reconfigure work areas to suit their needs. We also have a variety of screens, booths, partitions and acoustic panels for better workstation privacy in open office environments.

A Cohesive and Complete Furniture Solution for your Office


Simple, honest and functional, Caribou prides itself on innovative furniture and user-friendly design. With an array of commercial grade furniture we can help you furnish your lobby, meeting rooms, open areas and of course your offices. As your company grows you'll want to ensure your office design leads to happier employees and improved efficiency overall. We can even help you envision and create a workspace that inspires your staff and provides a cohesive look. If you want an office with style that is also naturally functional, our featured products are a great place to start.

Kyle Gustafson