Collaborate Without Boundaries

Do you want to increase productivity and performance in your office? If so, then you need to make collaboration a priority.

Research shows that employees who work together stay focused and stick to their tasks 64 percent longer than those who work alone. They also experience higher levels of engagement, higher rates of success, and less fatigue. If you want to reap the benefits of collaboration in the workplace but aren't sure where to begin, keep reading. Listed below are some tips that will help you get started.

Identify Individual Strengths


Every employee has different strengths and weaknesses. Start by evaluating your employees and identifying the strengths each one brings to the table. Then build teams of individuals whose strengths complement each other. This will encourage collaboration and help your workers see that they're stronger together than they are on their own.

Set Clear, Realistic Goals

You'll find that your employees have a much easier time collaborating when you've set clear and realistic goals for them to accomplish. The clearer you are when communicating what you need from them, the more likely they are to actually get things done. Make sure that every individual team member understands what's expected of them, too. Don't just assume that they know what you want. 

Use the Right Tools

There are lots of tools you can use to make collaboration easier. For example, cloud-based software allows your employees to access information, share ideas, and work together on projects anywhere and at any time. Even when they're not all in the office together, they can still collaborate and get things done.

Encourage Outside Socialization


The more time your employees spend together outside of the office, the more comfortable they're likely to be working with each other on various projects. Outside socialization helps your employees to communicate better and learn more about each other. It also helps them develop a sense of trust among themselves. Be sure to encourage your employees to socialize outside of work. You might even want to arrange activities that allow them to do so without having to do a lot of planning.  

Rearrange Your Office

Changing the way the furniture is arranged in your office will make it easier for your employees to collaborate without boundaries. There are lots of different furniture arrangement options that promote collaboration. Don't be afraid to experiment and see what works best for your employees. Maybe they do their best when they're working in pods with desks pushed together. Or, maybe it's better for them to have a multi-environment office with areas dedicated to group work and more private areas for where they can work alone.   

Go With Flexible Work Spaces

We need to manage our connections to each other more than ever in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Mari Silipo contends “Technology continues to increase mobility and flexibility in the way we work. Our offices should be designed accordingly. By creating a flexible, fluid space that support our mobile workdays, you can better utilize each square foot in your office while actively facilitating employee productivity and well-being.” in her article “Flexible Workspaces: What they are and why you need them.”

Start Practicing Collaboration in the Workplace Today

Clearly, collaboration in the workplace is important, and following these guidelines can help you to make your office a more collaborative one. 

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Kyle Gustafson