Are Standing Desks Worth It?

Everything You Need to Know


standing desk is a desk that allows you to stand up at your workspace and continue to work comfortably. Some are adjustable so that you may go from sitting to standing and vice versa, while some remain at standing height. Here are some benefits of a standing desk. 

1. Help Reduce Back Pain 

Sitting for extended periods of time will increase the amount of pressure placed on your lower back and leads to compression of the discs in your spine. Eventually, you will start experiencing lower back pain from sitting in the same position too much.


It is recommended for every 30 minutes of sitting you get up and stand or walk for 5 minutes. This will help get your blood flowing and also will allow fluids to reach your lower spine and hydrate your discs, reducing inflammation. By using a standing desk, you can alternate between sitting and standing and it won't affect the progress of your work. 

2. Lower Risk of Gaining Weight

When you are sedentary for too long you will be at risk to gain weight. Most office workers sit all morning, eat lunch, and then sit all afternoon. This means that you are taking in more calories than you are able to burn off, leading to weight gain. 

A benefit of a standing desk is that you can stand up throughout the day and burn off some of those calories you are earning. It is especially important to stand for a period of time after eating lunch, this will help with your digestion and increase the metabolism of your food.  

3. Increase Productivity

Standing desks are known to increase productivity in those users who were able to alternate between sitting and standing versus those who just had a regular desk. 


If you can stand up and continue to utilize your workspace comfortably then you will not have to stop what you are doing to stretch your legs. If you get fidgety from sitting too long then having a standing desk will also help you focus on your work by releasing some of that tension in your body. 

4. Mood Improvement

Sitting all day can lead to an increased risk of developing depression and anxiety. As humans, we were not meant to sit all day and not getting up and moving also leads to feelings of lethargy, stress, and fatigue. 

With a standing desk, you get the chance to get up and move around which will increase the amount of energy and vigor you will feel. This will lead to an improvement in your mood because when you feel better physically it can help your mental well being as well. 

Are You Ready to Take a Stand?

Standing desks offer the opportunity for an overall reduction of sedentary time. This can help increase your physical and mental well being as well as increase the amount of quality work you can get done throughout the day. 

If you are ready to enhance your workspace, check out our most popular standing desk and start seeing the benefits of a more dynamic workspace for yourself. 

Kyle Gustafson